HD via FTP with Filezilla Server and Windows 7

Due to the interest in the Post “Make your HD available on Internet via FTP“, I did a step by step to set up an FTP server in order to share your HD and make it accessible from any computer connected to the Internet (COMPLETE!).



In the previous Post Make your HD available on Internet via FTP, We use the Cesarftp + Windows XP to mount our FTP server. Even recommend your read because it contains certain aspects that I will not stick this time.

In This Post, Let's build our FTP server Filezilla Server + Windows 7. There are so many images (printscreen) to facilitate the understanding that almost turned into a movie (exaggeration :(D)), entitled to compete for an Oscar with Avatar and Tropa de Elite 2. So, come on!


Download the application Filezilla Server free of charge direct from the developer's website: http://filezilla-project.org/


Installation is simple: Run the file you downloaded; just go forward in all stages, without changing anything! In any case, go there the canvases:

Filezilla Server – Installation

Filezilla Server – Installation

Filezilla Server – Installation

Filezilla Server – Installation

Filezilla Server – Installation | Final screen

Made the installation, Filezilla Server is initialized and a dialog interface will appear. Just enter an administrator password, as shown below:

Filezilla Server – Installation | Administrator password

Congratulations! Your FTP server ready, waiting for connections.

Filezilla Server – Installation | Running…



To configure the basics, you just have to make a few changes. This should be done through the menu Edit > Settings. Before however, I suggest create a directory (pasta) where will be the files available for FTP. As an example, I created the directory D:\FTP with two files inside. IE, everything that is in this directory will be what I intend to make FTP-accessible from anywhere on the planet.

FTP directory definition

Change the port on which the server will “to listen” of 21 for 2100. ATTENTION: May be another bolt, but remember that this port will be used to unlock the firewall and router later, as well as part of the address to access the content through FTP. The reasons for their change spell I already explained in the previous Post, but bottom line is due to some ADSL providers block the default FTP port (21):

Add a user for connection/authentication, where, I created the user “Admin”. Also add the directories (folders) with the files you want to share, giving their access permissions (reading, writing). Remember the D directory:\FTP I created? He's appearing there:

Insert the connection ports range in passive mode. In the case, I used a single port getting the range so: 2101-2101. Despite the standard FTP port be 21 (We moved to 2100), It is known that this port is only for travel commands; for data flow, effectively used the door 20 (We moved to 2101):


ATTENTION: If you wish to make multiple simultaneous connections (FTP), It is recommended that you increase this passive mode port range, for something like 2101-2301. Of course, you will have to reset those doors, beyond FTP (FileZilla), also on the router and firewall. In a passive connection, When the client makes the request of transfer (FTP), the server, that is waiting (passive) connections, say the customer the door that will be exchanged data. Each new request, the server connects to the client using the door immediately above, reason should increase the range of the data port, If you want to allow concurrent connections. Otherwise, There may be problems and timeout due to data port 2101 be unique, making there is a bottleneck in successive connections, Since the door is reserved for the client while in use.

Flushing Firewall and router

Easy, easy! It is not yet time to test your FTP server. This step is critical! Most problems by wouldn't be able to do your FTP work concerning firewall locks and/or router. So, don't burn step, follow step by step and be happy.

Go on the Windows menu start > Control Panel > system and security > Windows Firewall.
Click the link on the left “Allow a program or feature through Windows firewall”:

Click on the button “Allow another program…”:

Locate the “Filezilla Server Interface”, select it and click “Add”:

Note that the “Filezilla Server Interface” already appears in the list of “Allowed programs and features”. Cool!

Now, even in Windows Firewall, Click the link on the left “Advanced settings”. Stay tuned, because we will release the doors 2100 and 2101 in Windows Firewall:

Click “Inbound rules” , and then click “New Rule…”:

Select “Protocol and ports”, Select the item “Door” and click the button “Next”:

Select the item “Specific local ports” and type in the text field next to the doors 2100 and 2101, as we defined previously in the Filezilla settings. ATTENTION! If you changed the port to another, So, Please, change here as well, senão, won't work. Done that, click “Next”:

The principle, the item “Allow the connection” will be marked. Just click “Next”:

With all options selected, click “Next”:

Give a name to the rule. I called “FTP”:


Ready! The Firewall configuration is already done! See that the rule “FTP” that releases the doors 2100 and 2101 the Firewall is already included in the “Inbound rules” Windows Firewall:

Configure your NAT router also (Wireless or wired), If you have, so that it can release the transfer of external traffic (Internet) the door 2100 (our FTP connection port) for the computer that is running your FTP server. For more details, see the Post Make your HD available on Internet via FTP. But there's no mystery, the idea is to tell your router that everything that come through the door 2100, to be redirected to your computer where is the Filezilla, as shown in Figure:

ATTENTION: In some cases, You may need to repeat this process of redirecting traffic through the router to the door 2101 (our FTP data port).

In addition, My advice to disable SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) router firewall, whereas failures occurred and thus blocks the flow of input. The SPI is a technology that inspects incoming packets of information before allowing them to enter the network.



FTP Access

Finally we can test our FTP server. This can be done in several ways, among them (1) by the Internet browser, (2) by Windows Explorer or (3) through an FTP client application.

A common problem is err on the Protocol to make the call. The correct protocol is “FTP://”, otherwise you will get an error like “500 Syntax error, command unrecognized” (It even happened to me, hahaha):

Let's test initially doing a local access. For this, Open your browser and type in the address bar: FTP:// See that we are using the door 2100 at the end of the IP! A login box will appear soon, asking for authentication. Use the username and password you set in the configuration for setting up Filezilla Server:

If all goes well, will the contents of the directory “FTP” We have defined in Filezilla, logical, respecting the appropriate user access permissions. See the content I had inside D:\FTP on my HD is available here:

The same happens in Windows Explorer. Open it and type FTP://Admin @ Note that I used the user “Admin” with the IP, because in some cases, can fail when not informed:

Now we've done work locally (, We operate externally, so with a valid Internet IP can access the FTP server from any other computer connected to the Internet. To find out your valid IP, has various forms. I used the site http://meuip.info/, having several other:

Easy, right? Take this IP that showed up and use it in place of the local IP (REPLACE). Remember that the Protocol is ftp:// followed by the IP, the two points (:) and the FTP port (2100). May take a few seconds until the login dialog box.

The content is displayed in the Internet browser with success!

In Windows Explorer also works without problems. Type something like FTP://Admin @

Just below we see that the HD content ((D):\FTP) is displayed 100%. Good, finished this Post, I want to remind you that the ideal is to use the valid IP, because it constantly changes. So, as I explained in the previous Post, to work around this problem by adopting the DynDNS or No-IP. It's free!


So is this. Good luck and success!

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118 comments on “HD via FTP with Filezilla Server and Windows 7

  1. Tran said:

    OK, great post was very well explained, but, everything worked for me until the time to put the external ip (189…) with the internal ip
    my machine works on good but when I put the ip of your modem not fünf remembering that already gave permission in the access
    root of the router. my router is the dsl 2640T and don't have the option of SPI is that I tried almost everything and I can not access external… What will be the problem???????????????

    • Aren't you routing twice? Because some ADSL modems also act as routers, then you must configure the NAT in both… see more details in the answer I gave you below, or have a read on the answers that other post: http://taylorlopes.com/?p=1021. This week a known could not access outside (Internet) inside (local network), because it had a modem GVT who was also a router. Hence, enough to configure the Virtual Server on the modem, pointing to the wireless router, and the wireless rodeador pointing to the machine with the Filezilla Server, and then went on to work. An important detail, I don't know the reason, Some modems (or operator GVT) Let not the loopback, IE, access to external address, When you are within the local network. For example: access to a computer from the network your your dynDNS URL, something like http://meuftp.dyndns.org:2100. In this case, When you're inside (local network), access by LAN IP or name of the machine where is the FTP server and, When you're out (somewhere, outside of your network), access by your domain name dynDNS or valid Internet IP. Falouuu…

      • Pablo B. Boldrini said:

        Thank you very much,
        I've been 3 hours trying to configure a Private FTP server.

        Basically pass files from an external HD (connected to the notebook) for Android, so much for local network (WIFI) as for external connection (Mobile Internet, Another WiFi network).

        What you showed really works, I own a modem of UOL (SpeedTouch 510) and a Netgear (MR814 v2) and when releasing the doors on both the modem as the router, was setting for the server (NetBook) and with that the external access when not worked, but by following your tip, and set the door of the modem to the router and set to the server (NetBook)…. It worked.

        Various tutorials found on the web, the more detailed your eh.

        Thank you very much

        (I will subscribe to the Feed of the site)

    • Marcio said:

      Look I'm not able to do. I followed the tutorial and straight in the browser using my internal network gave an error, I can only access by explorer. And the internet outside of the network do not access anything (by the browser or see and by the explorer gives a message saying I don't have permission). Already released the door, already released both windows firewall as my network, already I pointed to my machine I installed and configured the server. It's so complicated that. Can anyone help me?

      • It would be nice to you detailing better the problem; say what is giving error, What type of internet connection uses (radio, gvt, …). See you in Filezilla has a Log. Without this, It's hard to help, because I've done this installation on several machines and it works, certainly. Said!

    • Hi, This means that the port is open in your modem/router, but should confirm that the “Virtual Server” (AA;) is directed to the IP address of the computer where the Filezilla Server is installed. I have seen some people with time to connect outside (Internet) inside (local network), because without knowing route twice… Some modems are also routers, thence, in this case, need to configure NAT on both, IE, the ADSL modem (router which is also) and router (typically wireless). Another option, is to configure the ADSL modem to operate in bridge mode (bridge), causing the flow passes straight through the ADSL mode and go to the wireless router, that even the one who needs to work to authenticate the operator with pppoe. Said, t +

  2. Melial said:

    Hello Taylor, nice tuto. But I'm not getting releases, qdo access from outside the message q I do not have permission on the folder. Where q'm trying to share a folder in windows use q ja. Q know I tried to release the folders, I access to micro qlqr less FTP. Sure did not do anything!! It helps?

    • Hi, first you need to test locally, IE, make the settings according to Article, open the browser and type: or ftp://localhost:2100, but of course, I used the door 2100, change there if necessary. No need to share folder in Windows! Just give permission by the FTP. One important thing is to release in the firewall ports used by FTP TWO. I used the door 2100 (commands to travel) and 2101 (for data flow). If you do not release the Firewall, won't work. Try it again, step by step, exactly as in Section. Then after you make your changes. Good, working locally, then you should test out, IE, Internet. In this case, follow the tips of Article, read the comments of other colleagues, everything will be alright, OK? Thanks!

  3. Melial said:

    Yeah I tried some 50x more than it wrong, out does not work at all match any. I think it's a lock for my ADSL NET is theirs. drips just right, use no-ip but will not direct. Thanks for the same status. Thanks a lot. Said

    • Try disabling antivirus and firewall just to see if it solves… remember we have to free the two doors of FTP: 20 and 21 (or another that you have configured in filezilla, eg 2100 or 2101). Another detail is that filezilla is a LOG where you can check for possible problems reported.

    • Gilmar said:

      Teach me my router is Zinwell ZPlus G880!
      Access locally through the IP which I have fixed on my network card, including access via wirelass also, are not tested access outside of my network with these same procedures mentioned.
      What I wanted was access through the hosts that did in the no-ip are 2 but when I type there in ciam ftp://name.hosts:8221 This last is the port configured in filezilla server as indicate.

  4. Alex said:

    Taylor, thanks for the tuto was the best I found on the net, more in my case still can not work on the outside; he usually works on localhost nothing more on the internet, I did that and improved Melial said he asked a little more user and password is not entered. My case is the following I have an internet cable that is released by the network adapter mac, I also use a wireles router with the cable and WAN cofiguraro use the wireless signal on my on my desktop and not on the router I released the door and was already disabled spi.

    takes a lot to solve this I thank you.

    • As I told the fellow above, try to disable antivirus and firewall just to see if it solves ... remember we have to free the two doors of FTP: 20 and 21 (or another that you have configured in filezilla, eg 2100 or 2101). Another detail is that filezilla is a LOG where you can check for possible problems reported.

  5. Gilmar said:

    I'm missing I don't know where but the fact is that after a few moments the filezilla server that did expire the connection, not to mention denied access outside of my network.
    I have antivirus Panda Global Protection and my router is GTS Telecom Super AP Power, I followed everything to the letter in the tutorial from our friend and I did not succeed so far!
    Preferably I want to know if someone can assist me in setting enabled keeping my antiviris and wirelass radio mentioned above because if I'm going to follow the way described here on the blog I hit I'm sure because the steps to follow are very easy but, even layman as the fact is that I'd rather still be protected with my antivirus but I get frustrated by not being able to access my ftp externally.

    • The recommendation to shut down the antivirus is just to see if he's blocking the FTP connection. If he, Here you'll find in it some setting to clear the FTP application or the door, but the way to do this may vary in each antivirus. So, It is not to be without antivirus, This is necessary only to find out the cause of the problem!

      If you use Internet via radio, so to work externally can be a problem that has already been discussed. Please, take a look at:

      The fact is that you first need to do the FTP server running locally. After configure it to work in Internet. This helps identify problems in stages. Oh, a colleague posted that to make it work, had to use the Filezilla option Use the following IP in Passive mode setting. Try there…

      I leave others to answer other questions that you had done by email:
      NAT is usually done with so-called resources “Virtual server” and “Port Forwarding”, which is nothing more than transferring the input data stream for a particular micro based on your IP and port. First the connection FTP site must be behaves in, as you've said to be ok. So seems to be missing only you set the NAT. Imagine that you run a FTP request coming from the Internet (for example, using the ip that appears in http://meuip.info). It turns out that this request will get to your router, that is who owns that ip that appears http://meuip.info. Good, thereafter, the your router is that you have to tell where to send this request. He (router) gotta know that whenever I get a request (service) at the door 21 (or 2100, or another that have defined), You must send the stream to a machine that is installed filezilla (FTP server). If I don't do this, does not work!

      The Updater of the no-ip or dyndns is a software that you must install on this machine where is filezilla or use the DDNS option of your router, case support. This Updater is from time to time to see if your hot IP (internet IP, one that appears in the http://meuip.info) haven't changed.

      Let's assume your domain is ftp://gilmar.dyndns.org:2100. When you type this in the address bar of the browser, will start a request for the domain in question, asking who is dyndns.org. Arriving at the dyndns, will be asking, what the valid IP gilmar. Possession of valid IP, that is maintained by your Updater, so the requisão is directed to the equipment with this IP. With said, who gets this IP is your router home (unless you connect your micro internet direct, So what would be your micro who would have the IP). Arriving on the router, It will ask, for those who send this request that arrives at the door 2100? This is where your NAT, as it is he that will link the port of the ftp service (which in your case is 2100) with the machine that actually has the ftp server running. Of course, This machine must have a fixed IP, something like Look on the internet as if configure fixed IP, There's no mystery.

  6. Gilmar said:

    Read this comment here: Use the following IP in Passive mode setings!

    Is that going to solve everything to external access?

  7. Gilmar said:

    I got dofabricante of my GTSTelecom router:
    To settle on domestic network of the Lord and the Lord go under Advanced settings / LAN,
    and press to set DHCP, Enable the function in MAC put the client's MAC and IP the IP that he should receive, and hit apply, This procedure must be performed for each client on the network.
    Would that be the solution for you in and out and my ftp data be accessed externally?

    • Actually you just need to let the computer IP running Filezilla. This can be done directly on the computer (recommended) or by the router, as indicated the router support. In this case, whenever your computer connect to the router, It detects the MAC and assigns the same IP that you configured.

      This is not the answer, It is part of the solution. I guess I still don't get how to make dynamic NAT. But keep it up, soon it all works…

    • If you're not answering the door 2100 It is because your router is not configured (AA;).
      The router needs to receive the valid Internet IP! Check this in the STATUS on the configuration page of the router, to see which external IP he's getting (HAVE TO BE VALID). If your router is not getting valid IP, that's probably why your Internet is via Radio (Your IP is shared by provider: There will be complicated!!!) or why your ADSL modem can be also a router, IE, He takes the valid IP and sends an IP for your Router (Note that just habendo 2 routings), no interface with the Internet network.
      If you're totally lay on the subject, I suggest take a little research on google about NAT, Valid IP, Networks or call a technician for help, If you do not , can be painful.

  8. Gilmar said:

    What do you think of tc a few minutes on msn and give everything that tc put here to other duvidos users like me to help solve the same problems that I face, I can send you 3 prints of my GTS Super AP Power and my DSlink 200E with the fields I'm compicado coo Nat, Local IP?
    I'm sure the adsl modem router should be the domelo and manufacturer is 200e DSlink wirelass router is my GTS Super AP Power.
    I just created the No-IP faustino.zapto.org installed the program here on the machine where is the filezilla server but I couldn't even access for this domain and only by IP that I fixed and the door 2100.
    You must configure the domain free on filezilla or something?

  9. Gilmar said:

    I Have Fixed IP in the GTS Super Power AP configured TCP UDP with this IP over the doors 2100 and 2101 the domain in the No-IP is faustino.zapto.org but unfortunately I still can't access for this domain but by IP that assigns fixed I can only place.
    What I still have left to do?
    I confess that I don't know anything else, I can pay you if you help me!

    • Hi Gilmar, actually you have the virtue of never giving up… the good guys I know computer always has this determination… first of all, no charge for help, just avoid going any sink in this support because it is the sort of thing that is quick to figure out the problem, but remotely is laborious and time consuming…

      So, Comrade, that's why I suggested to look for a coach from near where you live… good, I will repeat some things, Maybe clear…

      The first thing you have to do is identify the problem, for this, do:

      (1) FTP work locally (; If it doesn't work on site, Remote won't work. To make the test site, Open the browser and type something like

      (2) See if your router receives valid Internet IP (If your internet is one of those radio providers, Hence complicates, because the valid IP won't for you, but is shared with other customers). Just enter the router configuration page, usually in the Status tab, you know if you have a valid IP. This IP that appears on the router needs to be the same IP that appears when you access the site http://meuip.info/ (This is the one valid IP);

      (3) If you have an ADSL modem, Verify that the modem is not who's getting valid IP. In the same way, just enter the modem configuration page, usually in the Status tab, you know if you have a valid IP;

      NOTE: For to know the valid IP? Reset: Is this IP which will allow you to connect outside (Internet) inside. If you do not receive a valid IP in router or ADSL modem, who is likely to provide the Internet is using IP shared with other customers, thence, won't work!

      (4) A caution that you should have is that if your ADSL modem is anyone getting valid IP, then you must enter setup it and leaves it in bridge mode (bridge), in this way, the entire data stream to get, will be directed to your router, that will be included with the valid IP. In this case, you will have to authenticate your ADSL by the router, and not the ADSL modem (because he's just going to direct). On my DLink router you configure the connection would be by modem in Setup > Internet Manual Internet Connection Options > > Internet Connection Type > My Internet Connection is : PPPoE (Username/Password).

      (5) And finally, need to do NAT correctly, Configuring your router to listen on port 2100 (or another of your FTP) forwarding router flow to your machine where is Filezilla.

      That's it…. spoke!

  10. Gilmar said:

    I'm here again…I am persistent and I have to get, the other can because I don't…?
    It's going to be tough but I will if it's the last thing I get here.
    Disabled the antivirus Panda Global Protection 2011 and your firewall and still kept taking hat on my ftp!
    On my router I found some parameters but GTS or give…

    Are: DynDNS settings requesting domain name, user name and password

    Next has Watchdog asking for IP address-Host

    Can assist me in this new quest for a solution to my ftp since disabling my Panda antivirus did not result in anything?

  11. Gilmar said:

    The only thing that I still don't understand is that I have 2 hosts on the IP I think it must be that…
    Well it turns out that I couldn't access my ftp server in another location
    Set up the file server with doors 8221 8222 for TCP/UDP I fixed my IP on my local network went on the router and did everything right as they send but the fact is that I can't access my ftp filezilla server for my host at no-ip and Yes only with the IP that I fixed here on network card, I don't understand anything anymore!!!

    I think we're almost to me get man…Please help me!!!


    • The domain No-IP or DynDNS is not the most important. This domain will only be useful after your FTP access for valid IP is running. This domain No-IP and DynDNS is indicated only by that your valid IP changes constantly, Hence the reason for the name (field) be interesting, Since it doesn't change. Your FTP will work normally without No-IP or DynDNS, as long as you know what the valid IP that is currently in use by your machine (or router). For example, assuming your valid ip is, so if your FTP access as ftp://seuUsuario@, will have to function normally. The your valid IP can be seen on this site: http://meuip.info/.

      Everything indicates that your problem is the issue of valid IP. I think you haven't understood the difference between IP and valid IP cold. Explaining so grotesque, the valid IP is the IP that you receive from the service provider (DSL, Dial-up, etc). It's how you gain access to the Internet and can be referenced in a unique way on the World Wide Web. IP already cold, is the IP your machine gets on your network, usually is attributed by the router (DHCP). The cold IP is not valid on the internet, only on your network! If you want to learn more about this, do a search, because on the internet you will find the IP ranges cold. Then you will see that an IP as (mask is cold and, of course, If your router is receiving a cold IP, never really can communicate with the Internet.

      So, You must first see if your router is receiving the valid IP. Just enter the router configuration page, usually in the Status tab, you know if you have a valid IP. This IP that appears on the router needs to be the same IP that appears when you access the site http://meuip.info/ (This is the one valid IP). If the IPs are not the same, won't work. Then you have to see if who provides Internet, really forncendo you a valid IP. It is common in these radio internets they share the valid IP, and provide you with a cold IP (chipped!). Another factor that raises this kind of problem is if you are routing twice, because there is already ADSL modem router, IE, internet ADSL signal arrives at the modem/router and then goes to the router (Wireless or not). In this case, I suggest you set up your modem/router (What receives first the Internet signal) to work in bridge mode (bridge), in this way the flow and valid Internet IP goes to your wireless router, that is where you must configure authentication with your provider (Brturbo, Hi, UOL, etc).

      Falouuu, t +

      • Gilmar said:

        Today I saw my IP is currently valid If I understand the valid IP is what my ISP gives me huh?
        I fixed my IP in
        I followed what you guided me ftp://gilzinho.zapto.org@ and it wasn't, but ftp://gilzinho.zapto.org@ This is not only was.
        I did test here with Simple Port Forwarding and failed both the doors 2100 as 2101 that I set up in file zilla
        Now that you said about dsl modem which is my router modem is DSL 500B new generation of link!
        Do I have to release him as well protocols, He will be the cause of my failure?
        Which protocols are these if my DSL 500B to greater?

  12. Gilmar said:

    The Wed happens if we leave all the boxes marked in time we've selected the folder that we will share in filezilla server?

    How to restrict the files to for example not to edit or to delete accidentally?

  13. Gilmar said:

    I went into my DSL modem 500 B new DLink but found Nat's although if I understand I don't use my modem to navigate wirelass router then and Yes I believe he is in Bridge mode so no means shake him and Yes on the firewall of my computer and that I've added the doors 2100 and 2101 for filezilla and ftp I created I think 5 doors with the same purpose for 2100 and 2101, I'm going crazy with so much obstruction but I have to do that because anyone can then spread me…what the hell!!!

  14. and said:

    So I've got net radio and my radio client ta as dynamic ip I put the ip q is then he accesses no more with the internet ip.
    Will be passing through the server of my ISP via radio?
    What I do I can put my ftp online?
    someone help me, plixx

  15. Gilmar said:

    Hello everybody how are you all?
    I come by this asking for more guidance.
    I managed to configure my filezilla server successfully 3 days without problems what I want yet is whether it can make life easier for those who make dawnload my server because they claim that even though there where are broadband is excellent download them from my server filezilla gives a very low rate.
    My brother in Portugal downloads a file from my server filezilla to 200 MB at a rate of 28kbp/s and there his band is 20 MB!
    Here on my server my broadband is 2 MB!
    You increase this rate to it or the problem is not on my server filezilla?
    Once I have an answer on this I will post all my experience until I got my filezilla work because it was difficult for me but I did it with the aid of Taylor Lee he is beast!!!

    I want to learn also how to limit only people do downloads and nothing more and also create more users to make different files for each user.


  16. William said:

    Hello all
    Filezzila Server installed on win 7 64 bits
    Released ports 2100 and 2101 on the firewall and router direncionando the same as it has to be done.
    Do not connect any way
    I did the test connection the site indicated by the filezilla FAQ's http://ftptest.net/
    It indicates that it's all right
    Congratulations! Your server is working and assorted routers/firewalls have been correctly configured for plain basic FTP.
    Feel free to test another one of your servers by entering its details below.

    When I type my no-ip:2100 He's not going to
    Cannot display the page
    The remote device or resource won't accept the connection

    My router is ApRouter WR 254HT
    I have installed on another machine on Win XP and works perfectly with the same settings I put on win 7
    I look forward to collaboration of all.

  17. It's working nice!!!

    I spent two days looking for a solution to my problem of local transfer. Use the local server EasyPHP for creating WEB pages and has no native server. I had to give permission in some folders and your post helped me alot, actually made my continued service. I was almost giving up theme.

    Thanks! Continue guiding our colleagues!

    Claudius – Recife-PE

    • Hello Claudio, Thank you. There at the end of the Post have a link called “Disclose”, that lets you share. It's really not so visible, I hope to improve it… Hugs!

  18. Renata gomes said:

    I'm beast with a problem if you can help me thanks
    cannot access internally externally most do not read all the comments but I couldn't anything
    My shape is a speed touch 510 oi internet signal
    I've configured the door 21 and 20 There has an ftp server configured so used
    I don't know what I'm doing wrong
    already on a month breaking head
    I was able to open other doors
    I've checked the doors are open and the site
    and there reportedly opened the door 21 and the door 20 TBM
    help me Oh beast

    • Hi, I advise you to faithfully follow the article setting, because it is already tested and the dozens of times I've done, It worked cool. So, do not use default FTP port 20, Neither 21. I just make a comment below that may also be, Search 6 October 2011 at 20:44. Good luck!

  19. Ivanberg Moreira said:

    I had to mount an FTP server at work, and I tried a few settings. Failing, I ended up coming in your post. By the way, very good.

    Well, Let's go to my problems, I hope help me.
    1. Downloaded, installed and configured the FileZilla, everything right!
    2. Set Up Firewall, everything right!
    3. Set Up Modem/Router, everything right!
    4. Tested locally, everything right!
    5. I created No-IP address, everything right!
    6. Drop the No-IP address, everything right!
    7. Tested via internet, Does not work.

    There, started the battle:
    8. Disabled antivirus and firewall. Tested site: everything right! External tested: nothing!
    9. I did the test of Online FTP Tester, find, log in, but, not complete, Hey refused, and the result was this:
    Error: Server returned unroutable private IP address in PASV reply
    Make sure the server is configured to allow passive mode connections.
    If the server is behind a NAT router, make sure the server knows its external IP address.
    The range of ports used for passive mode must be opened in all involved firewalls.
    The range of ports used for passive mode must be forwarded by all involved NAT routers.
    Try uninstalling all firewalls and plug your computer directly into your modem, thus bypassing the router.

    Don't I have located in FileZilla the option: “Use the following IP in Passive mode setings!” . Use the version 0.9.39

    Understand q eh something in the Modem/Router, the model is a D-Link DSL-2640T, or this whole “IP in Passive mode”

    Follows links of modem screens, to help me, If this is the case:
    Image 01 – http://www.comarket.com.br/downloads/tela-modem-01.png
    Image 02 – http://www.comarket.com.br/downloads/tela-modem-02.png

    Thank you for your attention. Again, congratulations, all posts by q tested, the your was the most effective.
    I'm just with this little problem. I'm waiting for a tip, solution…


    • Ivanberg Moreira said:

      Adding the previous message:

      I auditioned for doors – http://www.t1shopper.com/tools/port-scan/

      Scanning ports on is responding on port 2100 (amiganetfs). isnt responding on port 2101 (rtcm-sc104).

      Thank you for your attention. Again, congratulations, all posts by q tested, the your was the most effective.
      I'm just with this little problem. I'm waiting for a tip, solution ...


      • Hi, look, This may have to do with one of these three possibilities:
        (1) One important thing is to release in the firewall ports used by FTP TWO. I used the door 2100 (commands to travel) and 2101 (for data flow). If you do not release the Firewall, won't work. Repeating: Release the data port (2101) also!
        (2) As a colleague said above: Pull, I was able to, just select the Use The Following IP setings in Passive mode. You will now!! So, look for this option in filezilla.
        (3) When is test, use the NO-IP DDNS only when outside your network. If the local test, use internal ip even. I've seen situations (GVT) When you were trying to access a micro in my network, DNS not working.
        Falouuu, t +

  20. Eduardo said:

    Hello Taylor,

    Very complete tutorial huh buddy. Congratulations!!!

    I followed your tutorial, the local test this fine …
    But I still have problems for external access, I will describe below the details so that if possible you can help me:

    Windows firewall:

    DSL Modem – 500(B)

    Error accessing external FTP

    Note: The test site, all right and working … but I'm with this difficulty for external access.

    Could analyze the prints, check if I'm doing it correctly and help me???

    Hugs …

    • Hello Eduardo, try to follow to the letter the article… I know that each environment can bring different situations (problems), in this case, you need to find out the cause. Start by disabling the firewall (just for test purpose, you already know if the firewall configuration problem). See article! If the problem is from the outside in, or is it fails on firewall configuration or is in routing, check! Another detail that I've seen happen is a bug that when you're out of your network, can only access using the local ip (Ex: or… of course, test with the ip of the machine that is the filezilla). When he's off the grid, IE, at a friend's house or another location other than the network your, then you use the DNS (or the valid IP, If you know). See also what I commented on the day 6 October 2011 at 20:44 (see above). Good luck!

  21. Narlier said:

    Hello Taylor, is the following, I did everything right as described, aceço within the internal network, but at the time of testing in the external network, I put my IP (that is fixed) and when logging box appears, but the login appears the following message: “425 Can't open data connection.”
    My router is D-link 500B routed, but he is the one who connects directly to the service of GVT, because the modem is in bridge mode.
    My camera is a foscam FI8918W (is in another network), When I try to get her to access the FTP, I get the following message: “Error in PASV mode. Please be sure the server support PASV mode”
    I wonder what's wrong?

    I appreciate the initiative and if possible answer be more thankful still.

    • Oops, like I said, FTP uses two ports: The door 21 and 20. The first travels Monday commands, data. Not to be locked in some carriers, We change these ports for 2100 and 2101, respectively. The error that you commented, can't open data connection (2101). So, that seems to be firewall… try to do the same is in the article. Today I set up an FTP in a machine with Win 7, getting Internet GVT and didn't take 5 minutes to work (without exaggeration). Before using camera and such, try to make it work by the conventional mode (browser or windows explorer). About passive mode, see where I speak about connection in passive mode, where there's a figure “Passive mode settings”. I advise you to take the test with the antivirus and firewall disabled, just for that, If there is any blockage, you have to identify the problem and fix. Here I use the firewall enabled (with exception of FTP ports) and Kaspersky antivirus and it works fine. Good luck!

      • Hello Taylor, I am using Windows Seven and I'm having the same problem. I've tested with the firewall and antivirus disabled but not getting results. It connects to FTP responds and all but passive mode and after this error 425. I hope answers. Hug

      • Hi Petrus, need to follow exactly as described. If this is the case, undo everything you've done, and start from scratch, step by step. From the time you change something in the execution of what is in the article, then takes the risk of not working. I say this, because I installed filezilla + win 7 in 8 machines in different locations, with Oi and GVT operators, without any difficulty. I know that every case is different, But watch out for this! I'll just remind you of three aspects:

        (1) Configure filezilla's menu screen “Passive Mode Settings”, equal is in article ( http://taylorlopes.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/fz11.png ).

        (2) In operator GVT, I have had problems accessing the ftp from outside to inside, being on the net in that ftp is installed. Explaining better, When you are on the same local network where you are running the ftp, use the cold your server ip, something like, to connect to it; do not use the ddns (DynDNS or no-ip)! But when I'm gone, at a friend's house or lanhouse, then use the ddns.

        (3) Go in your computer that runs the FTP service and configures the network adapter to a fixed IP, eg Note that this FTP server IP must be fixed, so you can inform you on your router to do the redirection. If not fixed, may eventually happen that will change the DHCP assigned IP and the configuration of your router redirection will no longer be pointing to your FTP server

        If you find the solution to your problem, Please comment here, so others are aware, falouuu…

      • Hello Taylor, I'll try to redo everything. But first I'm going to format the PC and reeinstalar Windows. Why not, It's just that this is the second problem I have with this PC in two days, one was with firefox that I wasn't accessing the modem even with the correct password. So when you start giving these little games its because windows is already frescando. How I solve the problem, I post here. Thanks for the attention.

      • Hello Taylor.

        I formatted my PC, installed everything exactly the way it is there and it keeps giving error 425 When the FTP is trying to access externally…

      • When access via google chrome appears that:
        (000009)26/01/2012 04:37:29 – (not logged in) (> Connected, sending welcome message…
        (000009)26/01/2012 04:37:29 – (not logged in) (> 220-FileZilla Server version 0.9.40 Beta
        (000009)26/01/2012 04:37:29 – (not logged in) (> 220-written by Tim Kosse (Tim.Kosse@gmx.de)
        (000009)26/01/2012 04:37:29 – (not logged in) (> 220 Please visit http://sourceforge.net/projects/filezilla/
        (000009)26/01/2012 04:37:29 – (not logged in) (> User admin
        (000009)26/01/2012 04:37:29 – (not logged in) (> 331 Password required for admin
        (000009)26/01/2012 04:37:29 – (not logged in) (> PASS **********
        (000009)26/01/2012 04:37:29 – Admin (> 230 Logged on
        (000009)26/01/2012 04:37:29 – Admin (> SYST
        (000009)26/01/2012 04:37:29 – Admin (> 215 UNIX emulated by FileZilla
        (000009)26/01/2012 04:37:29 – Admin (> PWD
        (000009)26/01/2012 04:37:29 – Admin (> 257 “/” is current directory.
        (000009)26/01/2012 04:37:29 – Admin (> TYPE I
        (000009)26/01/2012 04:37:29 – Admin (> 200 Type set to I
        (000009)26/01/2012 04:37:29 – Admin (> EPSV
        (000009)26/01/2012 04:37:29 – Admin (> 229 Entering Extended Passive Mode (|||2101|)
        (000009)26/01/2012 04:37:50 – Admin (> PASV
        (000009)26/01/2012 04:37:50 – Admin (> 227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,1,2,8,53)
        (000009)26/01/2012 04:38:11 – Admin (> QUIT
        (000009)26/01/2012 04:38:11 – Admin (> 221 Goodbye
        (000009)26/01/2012 04:38:11 – Admin (> disconnected.

        When FiliZilla pops up that Client Access:

        (000011)26/01/2012 04:39:30 – (not logged in) (> Connected, sending welcome message…
        (000011)26/01/2012 04:39:30 – (not logged in) (> 220-FileZilla Server version 0.9.40 Beta
        (000011)26/01/2012 04:39:30 – (not logged in) (> 220-written by Tim Kosse (Tim.Kosse@gmx.de)
        (000011)26/01/2012 04:39:30 – (not logged in) (> 220 Please visit http://sourceforge.net/projects/filezilla/
        (000011)26/01/2012 04:39:30 – (not logged in) (> User admin
        (000011)26/01/2012 04:39:30 – (not logged in) (> 331 Password required for admin
        (000011)26/01/2012 04:39:30 – (not logged in) (> PASS **********
        (000011)26/01/2012 04:39:30 – Admin (> 230 Logged on
        (000011)26/01/2012 04:39:30 – Admin (> PWD
        (000011)26/01/2012 04:39:30 – Admin (> 257 “/” is current directory.
        (000011)26/01/2012 04:39:30 – Admin (> TYPE I
        (000011)26/01/2012 04:39:30 – Admin (> 200 Type set to I
        (000011)26/01/2012 04:39:30 – Admin (> PASV
        (000011)26/01/2012 04:39:30 – Admin (> 227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,1,2,8,53)
        (000011)26/01/2012 04:39:30 – Admin (> MLSD
        (000011)26/01/2012 04:39:41 – Admin (> 425 Can't open data connection.

        I've tested with avira and the firewall off.

      • I solved the problem man!

        was missing just direct to door 2101 to my internal IP on the modem.
        just had directed the 2100 as it says in the tutorial.

      • Igor said:

        Taylor Lee, Thank you very much for the tutorial, was it all right here.

        Petrus, your tip saved my.

  22. Levy said:


    Following…I did all the tutorial CesarFTP, but when it's out in not even access or ask for login, made by DynDNS…put on the wireless router TP-Link td certinho doors 21, 2100 and 2101…but not avail, put the rules and exceptions in Windows firewall and nothing…Hey Windows Server system 2008 R2…What should I do, If you could give me a detail from the beginning because I think that my case may be different for being Windows Server 2008 and will that lack any other configuration…good, help me!


    • Oops, pull, Windows server I can't tell if there is any peculiarity. I don't even have that S.O.. I know that today I had to install FTP on a machine with Win7 + Operator GVT and worked perfectly, It wasn't long before 5 minutes to configure. I owe you… spoke, Hugs!

      • Levy said:

        Type Windows 7 It's pretty equal to Server 2008, but change a few options of course, but still qlqr detail can make a difference, but from what I read in comments may be the modem q tbm works as router, I'll configure it, and maybe solve, the modem of telefonica q tbm eh router…I think q eh the only attempt available rs


      • In first, you have to test from the outside in (Internet-> local network) If the FTP ports are open. Enter this site http://www.t1shopper.com/tools/port-scan/ and notify the doors (2100 and 2101, or another that you have configured). If the doors are not opened, so that's why your router is not configured as described in the article (AA;) or due to network your have two routers. In the latter case, You should put the first Internet-connected router in bridge mode (bridge), in order to pass the flow straight to the second router. Try to identify the problem… falouuu!

      • Levy said:

        Is the network has 2 routers, a TP-LINK Wireless and modem router Telefonica…in that case, how should I proceed, Since the two set up the Virtual Server to release the doors 21, 2100 and 2101?


  23. Levy said:

    Taylor, I was going to ask you…the ta cm ip modem and the wireless router and so are computers in that subnet router wireless msm…influences the modem this on 192.168.1 .x subnet?

    • Hi Levy, no influence… by the way, is that really how it works. For example:

      SINAL DE INTERNET -----> (IP MODEM ADSL ( -----> ( ROTEADOR WIRELESS ( -----> (192.168.0.x) REDE LOCAL

      The function of the router is just connect two different networks… porém, recommend that the router receives a valid Internet IP (and not a cold IP, as in the example). So, to do this, best is to let the MODEM in Bridge mode (bridge), so that the entire flow goes in he is is forwarded directly to the router, that is who becomes the authentication (PPPOE) next to your Internet provider.

      • Levy said:

        So, externally it worked, but only by Firefox, I can't access FTP by Internet Explorer which is what matters, Since customers only use IE =/…you know what should I do to open the Filezilla FTP Server in IE?

      • I don't know that there are problems accessing the FTP by IE… by the way, I just tested here in IE and it works nice. The call must be done using ftp protocol:// (and not http://), something like, where is the IP of your FTP server (FileZilla) and 2100 is the port that you configure filezilla to wait for FTP connections. Logical, This example IP only works on your internal network… to use the internet must create the DDNS, as stated in article.

  24. Fábio Days said:

    Good afternoon, I would like to thank you for the great tutorial, remembering that at least here in my router is a Dlink dir300, the “bug” wouldn't let me reserve a ip, ex: to be my server, Let the dhcp ip to give my wifi, I put the ip that the router gave me in redirects within the router (port foward) and ready, solved, I did everything as it says in the manual of the friend, and out this trouble you gave in my dir300, rolled pretty. Thanks again.

    • Hi, Let the router's DHCP configured to assign IP in a specific range, as for example of the Then go in your computer that runs the FTP service and configures the network adapter to a fixed IP, eg Note that this FTP server IP must be fixed, so you can inform you on your router to do the redirection. If not fixed, may eventually happen that will change the DHCP assigned IP and the configuration of your router redirection will no longer be pointing to your FTP server. Falouuu…

  25. Great post!!
    But that part of the router is really necessary?? Needs to be a router to make this access for example from another State?? I only have the modem aki at home and the local access is working perfectly but when I try the House of friends don't even using valid IP funfa of net and my IP doesn't change because my PC never shuts down and much less the modem! If we can talk by email is that really need this access for professional purposes.
    I thank you.

  26. Depends on… If you have only one machine, just plug it straight into your ADSL MODEM, you don't need a router. The important thing is you see if your computer runs the FTP server is getting valid IP. You must make the call to FTP using the valid IP your machine received (or by the name created on DynDNS or No-IP), reporting Protocol (http and FTP) and the door (21 or 2100) you have configured your FTP server to listen. Hence, between the browser and type ftp://seuUsuario@seuIPValido:suaPortaFTP, example: ftp://admin@


  27. Marcos Reis said:

    error when you open this folder on the ftp server make sure you have permission to access the folder


    200 type set to the

    421 cant t create socket

    Could someone help me how to take for this error?

  28. Taylor, sorry to keep asking about it man, is that your tutorial is great, and I'm sure that here:

    “Hi, This means that the port is open in your modem/router, but should confirm that the "Virtual Server" (AA;) is directed to the IP address of the computer where the Filezilla Server is installed. I have seen some people with time to connect outside (Internet) inside (local network), because without knowing route twice ... is that some modems are also routers, thence, in this case, need to configure NAT on both, IE, the ADSL modem (router which is also) and router (typically wireless).”

    That's what's complicating me, use a modem Sagemcom F @ st Router 1704 (GVT), but I haven't been able to solve the second part, did any of your readers have already messed with this modem and was able to solve the problems?

    • Following, This comment is an alert ONLY IF YOU HAVE TWO ROUTERS. If it is not your case, ignore! We usually have an ADSL modem and a wireless router; so good. The problem occurs if this ADSL modem has router function also. So, to avoid route dua times, Enter the control panel, something like (Admin, gvt12345) and configure the modem to operate in bridge mode (bridge). But be aware that this will undo your connection with GVT and probably crash the wireless modem/router (If you have). From there, the modem will work just as “bridge” (and no router), going over the internet signal with valid IP for your router. You will have to search for information on how to make your router be responsible to establish the connection with GVT, Since the modem does not do this. For example, on my DLink router I configure the connection would be by modem in Setup > Internet Manual Internet Connection Options > > Internet Connection Type > My Internet Connection is : PPPoE (Username/Password). In your case, I can't tell you. Be careful not to end up getting no internet…

  29. Hello Taylor,

    I managed to do everything right, as informed in another post. But I have a problem, When I access my computer or a computer on my network, with my external IP, even with no-ip, all right! But when I access from another computer my computer slow to respond and sometimes the time limit runs out making the connection is dropped. I had done this while doing a download, and assigns to donwload, but then I did without and continued to same thing. Do you have any idea what could be?

    • In this article, did setting the passive mode port range just being the 2101 (data); It was deliberate, because it facilitates the explanation and router configuration (redirect) and the firewall (release). However, in the case of multiple concurrent connections, You may need to expand this passive mode port range, something like 2101-2301. Of course, you will have to reset those doors, beyond FTP (FileZilla), also on the router and firewall.

      In a passive connection, When the client makes the request of transfer (FTP), the server, that is waiting (passive) connections, say the customer the door that will be exchanged data. Each new request, the server connects to the client using the door immediately above, reason should increase the range of the data port, If you want to allow concurrent connections.

      Maybe your problem and wait timeout is precisely because the data port 2101 be unique, making there is a bottleneck in successive connections, Since the door is reserved for the client while in use.

      So, there in Filezilla where's range "Passive Mode Settings" ( http://taylorlopes.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/fz11.png ) set to 2101-2101, change to something like 2101-2301. In this case will have a range/range 200 doors for data exchange. But don't forget to inform the range to the router and the firewall!

  30. M Lee said:

    Congratulations for the tutorial man, very good, but unfortunately I couldn't, Maybe I'm too layman.
    Pull internet Hi Velox 2 MB/from nearby via RJ-45 cable to my PC. I Have Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bits, the neighbor's House has a modem ZTE ZXDSL Series sending the signal to the router Encore ENHWI-N3. I've done everything, released the Filezilla Interface and Filezilla on the Firewall, released ports 2100 and 2101 also on the Firewall. I tried to redirect My IP location on modem and router, I put the router IP on the modem and nothing. Nothing same guy, give me a light, Please!

    • M, hard to help if you don't have a specific error. In fact it is necessary to have some knowledge in networking/computer to deploy the FTP, especially if any problem. Give a read calmly in the comments above, Maybe if you identify a problem/solution. First Filezilla work locally (, only after testing over the Internet using DDNS and worry about doing the correct redirection of ports on the router.

  31. Rafael said:

    Friend, I really enjoyed this tutorial your, most have a problem! Use a 3 g modem of alive and when using the internal ip in filezilla server ftp opens, more if I use the modem does not work NOTE: Open the site indicated to each new connection to the modem because we know that the ip changes every new 3 g connection. I appreciate if you can help me in this doubt!

    • Rafael, I didn't get to use FTP over 3 g connection; I don't know if there is any blockage on the part of the operator. This independent, If your 3 g modem is plugged directly into your computer/laptop, WITHOUT ROUTER, so you should always access the FTP server (FileZilla) with the valid Internet IP, that can be seen in http://meuip.info/. Logically this IP changes every connection, which is why it is suggested to use the DDNS DynDNS or No-IP. Has an Internet site that allows you to manage your FTP, just don't forget to change the language to “Portuguese” and check the option “passive mode”: http://www.net2ftp.com/

  32. Eduardo said:

    helped very much, congratulations on your contribution.
    A question, because it uses the door 2101 instead of the 21?
    It's just preference?

  33. Guy, see all, I can access locally without problems, via porta 2100. However, from another computer I'm not getting access or the option to put name and password, via this port. Strange thing is that, When I put the door 21, the name and password option came up. Does, so, I could access via port 21? On the first try, When I put the password and name, didn't work. I think it might be easier to release the door 21, No? Because the password pop-up and name have appeared to her… I tried via no-ip, on another computer of another network.

    Help me here!

    PS.: And access FTP via tunneling is easy to do? Is there a danger that?

    • locally works, another computer is supposed to work… If it isn't the antivirus, review the firewall settings as Post, etc… the data port also needs to be freed (2101)… independent of the door, works, Since the call is done correctly. No-IP is the last thing you need to worry about… to access a micro to another, try the call by IP (or by name)… need to have some notion of networks… falouuu!

  34. Gabriel said:

    Good afternoon! First thanks for the Guide.
    I had a problem that others have had: I can not access the server for external ip. I've tried everything, disabled anti-virus and firewall, I reconfigured everything and nothing. Testing the ports on t1shopper.com I found that they are not released. Neither the 21 Neither the 2100 Neither the 2101, porém, in the router settings (d-link 524 – 150 Wireless) they set out how unlocked. I noticed that on my router has no way to find the SPI configuration, can this be the problem?

    Thanks and hugs!

    • doesn't seem to be a problem of SPI, the door should be open by ... have to see if your router is "face" with the internet, IE, If he's the one that is connected directly to the internet or if there is some intermediary in this story to see if the router is on the internet, just login to your browser settings and check the STATUS if he received a valid Internet IP ... If it is a shared Internet, Radio type, or something, so it's going to be hard, unless you get the main router (connected to the internet) do the redirection (AA;) for you ...

  35. Bruno Mondini said:

    Buddy, your tutorial is very good, congratulations!
    Like this, I set up FileZilla, released the doors and got sussa, However I just can't access the folder when I use by the local host.
    When trying to remote access, It asks for username and password and give timeout. Just don't enter.

    Appears that:

    200 Type set to the

    Anyway, do not enter remotely! :\
    Do you have any idea what could be?

    Another question: Is it possible to do remote access by host “hostdeexemplo.no-ip.org” instead of using the IP??

  36. Bruno Mondini said:

    Follow the LOG of what happens now also accessing by the browser on the local host. Is the same log of when someone tries to access remotely.

    If you know how to help me, Thank you in advance. :(D)

    (000084)17/04/2012 01:47:57 – (not logged in) (> 220-FileZilla Server version 0.9.41 Beta
    (000084)17/04/2012 01:47:57 – (not logged in) (> 220-written by Tim Kosse (Tim.Kosse@gmx.de)
    (000084)17/04/2012 01:47:57 – (not logged in) (> 220 Please visit http://sourceforge.net/projects/filezilla/
    (000084)17/04/2012 01:48:03 – (not logged in) (> USER guest
    (000084)17/04/2012 01:48:03 – (not logged in) (> 331 Password required for guest
    (000084)17/04/2012 01:48:09 – (not logged in) (> PASS
    (000084)17/04/2012 01:48:09 – Guest (> 230 Logged on
    (000084)17/04/2012 01:48:17 – Guest (> SYST
    (000084)17/04/2012 01:48:17 – Guest (> 215 UNIX emulated by FileZilla
    (000084)17/04/2012 01:48:17 – Guest (> PWD
    (000084)17/04/2012 01:48:17 – Guest (> 257 “/” is current directory.
    (000084)17/04/2012 01:48:17 – Guest (> TYPE I
    (000084)17/04/2012 01:48:17 – Guest (> 200 Type set to I
    (000084)17/04/2012 01:48:17 – Guest (> EPSV
    (000084)17/04/2012 01:48:17 – Guest (> 421 Could not create socket.
    (000084)17/04/2012 01:48:17 – Guest (> PASV
    (000084)17/04/2012 01:48:17 – Guest (> 421 Could not create socket.
    (000084)17/04/2012 01:48:17 – Guest (> QUIT
    (000084)17/04/2012 01:48:17 – Guest (> 221 Goodbye
    (000084)17/04/2012 01:48:17 – Guest (> disconnected.

  37. Karlos Bahia said:

    Hello Taylor, I'm Karlos Bahia, Tested in various places and is going on well. Approved, Your blog is note 10!

    A Hug, Hits

  38. John said:

    I have a D-Link modem, connected to the Wireless AP router-ROUTER
    I didn't find this option NAT
    Enter the setting but nothing.

    Or do I need to enter in the settings of the modem D-LINK?

    Something else,
    With an internet 15 MB, the transfer is cool?

    Type, the server would be 10 MB, the client (that will send will take example 1 MB or 2 MB) Works fine?


  39. John said:


    Wow, I spent the whole weekend on it and nothing.

    I have a model D-Link connected to a router solicitation, can't find anything on my router for NAT option.

    Then disconnected the cable that sends them to the router, as, and conetei the right network cable on the PC to enter the modem options, already exists the NAT option, I did not know if setting this right because he and different from your.

    locally works.

    But when I try to connect by FileZilla Client :
    State: Connecting…
    State: Connection attempt failed with “ECONNREFUSED – Connection refused by server”.
    Error: Could not connect to server
    State: Waiting to try again…

  40. Hetore said:

    This error happens with me in cesarftp:

    Error opening this folder on the FTP server. Make sure that you have permission to access the folder.

    200 Type Successfully set
    227 Entering Passiv Mode (IP)

    set up the door 21 and liabilities 2048-2148 in this error there but give cesarftp.

  41. Marcelo Pozati said:

    Guy , very good tutorial on how to create the FTP server with filezilla. Explains step by step , pretty easy really. Worked like a charm. Thank you very much

  42. Pablo B. Boldrini said:


    As my last comment (http://taylorlopes.com/?p=1381&cpage=1#comment-16173) Thanks to your tips, I managed to make the FTP work, both local ( , on the network (, as external ip (ex:

    The problem is in the No-iP, because accessing the “domain”I created (ex: pabloftp.no-ip.org), He the error “GET / HTTP/1.1 ….500 Syntax error, command unrecognized.” What I could understand, He's trying to access as “HTTP:// ” and not as ” FTP:// “. I'm thinking of using the dynDns to see if it solves.

    Note: I marked the option “Use the following IP:” (in “passive mode settings” in “Options) and put the No-iP , but because of the error, not worked.


    • Hi Pablo, So, you left explicit call with ftp:// (and not http://)? If you are trying to access from inside the local network your, use local IP FTP server, If you are outside the local network your, then use the domain No-IP or DynDNS, because I've seen this strange problem happen. Make sure that the No-IP is actually being updated with a new IP, in case of changes; There on the site of the No-IP has an application that you can install on the server to be warning you to No-IP whenever the address change… spoke!

      • Pablo B. Boldrini said:

        So, the FTP is working, at the moment I'm connected by Android using the internet Tim Infinity plan. I can access the server via dynamic ip, I was able to transfer files (but the speed slow eh since use 2 g ).

        The problem is really in no-ip, filezilla log I get the following when I try to access by hostname configured.

        ” GET / HTTP/1.1
        500 Syntax error, command unrecognized
        ….. ….
        Referer: http://pabloboldrini.myftp.org/
        500 Syntax error, command unrecognized”
        Note: I'm accessing the Chrome browser on Android.

        He can connect to the server, but this requesting such as HTTP, and unfortunately, I can't find on the site how to configure for it request as FTP.

        Any Solution?

        Note: Created registration on DynDNS, but after “turn the head tip site”, I found out that it does not provide more free access.

  43. Alan Pereira said:

    UFA, It worked! Follow the complete tutorial, but couldn't connect via Internet, There followed the tips and put the modem into bridge, passing the PPPoE authentication pro router. Work on time!

  44. Luis Felipe Figueiredo said:

    Hello, I wonder if this will work, either to an external HD connected to a router (the TP-Link TL-WR1043ND has the function of file server, for example).

    It is possible to do with the Seagate GoFlex Net Media Sharing Device (STAK100) and an external HD allocated to it, but I can't find this STAK100 to sell in Brazil (just found a site which featured but costing 5 x more expensive, What does not scroll).

  45. Taylor, congratulations for the post and the patience shown so far; I also found this the best tutorial to configure filezilla on the net. Just one caveat: the program you have to enable the windows firewall is the filezilla server, and not the filezilla server interface, right?

    I'm going to keep an eye on your blog to see if I learn more.


    • Thanks, Rodrigo. Guy, in 2010 When I made the Post the label was even filezilla server interface. I don't know if that changed today… spoke!


    friend did everything right more when other access instead of an error request for access in passive mode and shows me my ip followed by 8,53

    • Hi Rafael, I suggest you give it a read in the comments. You need to identify the cause of the problem, If it doesn't get hard help; see that filezilla has a LOG in you can check possible problems registered. Take a look at the comment I made “Taylor Lee 8 March 2011 at 9:33”. See also a colleague who had a problem and made it work just by selecting the option “Use the following IP in Passive mode setings”. Anyway, operate locally to just try out inside (Internet). In any case, read guest reviews, There's plenty of tips. Good luck!


        dear friend did everything right to access my hard drive of another internet just by file zilla client is show the ball more when having at explore informs me the following error.

        Error opening this folder on the ftp server. make sure that you have permission to access the folder.

        200 type set to the
        227 entering passive mode 192,168,0,2,8,53

  47. Henry said:

    MTO Thanks man all q searched the internet the out your the most beautiful explained and I've been able to do properly without errors, here about the doors was very simple because my router/modem and wifi is a single unit of alive he already does everything have already pre loaded options for doors as play3, Xbox, among other eh full automatic q I How do I v. external work out of my house in customers and tals sometimes need a file q this in my hard drive now it just got real internet 8 mg vlw 400$ do internet fast downloads and no need to take so much on external hd mto thanks and congratulations for sharing this knowledge with us!

    That all right in your life because people are going away from parabens
    and thanks again!

  48. Your tutorial has fewer technical terms that many of the internet, all right in front of everyone that read simplified, and was the only one who made me reach the success!
    I'm not commenting, but you deserved it so.

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