CTRL + C and CTRL + V between Windows and Linux VM in Virtual Box

How to copy/paste between Windows and virtualized Desktop Debian? The obvious solution would be to install the “For additional Guest” Oracle VM VirtualBox, but when it generates the error “Failed to set up service vboxadd”?


First of all, I might point out that this solution was applied to the following environment:
– Desktop with Windows 10
– Oracle VM VirtualBox with Debian 9 Virtualized netinst


The problem is that it was not possible to copy and paste between Windows and Linux (virtualized environment). To do CTRL + C and CTRL + V, nothing happened.

The proposed solution in forums on the Internet said that to solve this problem it was enough to install the package “For additional Guest” that comes in the Oracle VM VirtualBox, but when I tried to do this, resulted in the following error:

"Failed to set up service vboxadd, Please check the log file"


As I was using the Netinst (Lean version of Debian), It is possible that some software required missed time to rotate the “For additional Guest”.

Installation of additional packages:

apt-get update apt-get install gcc make apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)
init 6

This last command is to reboot the Linux.

Installation of the “For additional Guest”:

// STEP 1
In Oracle VM VirtualBox, access the Device menu > Insert the CD image for Additional Guest
// STEP 2
Give double click the icon VBOXADDTIONS_5.1.24_ 117012 (or another version) that will appear on the desktop
// STEP 3
Open the terminal, access road to VBoxLinuxAdditions, Normally this:
CD /Media/cdrom0/
// STEP 4 - Installation!
sudo sh ./Vboxlinuxadditions*.run

After this, don't forget to enable the VMBox options to allow copy and paste (Clipboard / bi-directional), as the figure below:

Restart the Linux and do the test!

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