Configure GPS Tracker to access maps on the Internet

Then you need to track your car on the Internet, following the route, speed and location in real time? Or maybe be more relaxed knowing someone from your family? Take a look at this!



Nowadays with so much insecurity and financial difficulty, We do everything to not have damage. But worse than having a stolen car, is to have a family member in trouble in that car, God knows where. With a Tracker you won't be able to stop this from happening, but at least you can search and send help knowing the exact location of the vehicle.

Obviously this pseudo peace of mind comes at a cost. The Tracker you buy by R$ 150,00 em media, already maintaining a telephony Chip with data packet leaves around R$ 10,00 monthly, using or M2M system (Machine to Machine). And there, worth it or not? Well, Each knows where the calo squeeze, What deserves to be protected. But as they say “just no use putting the lock after door broken”. I decided to try ;)


There are Trackers personal effects and vehicles. In my case, I bought a TK103A (Coban), because the idea was to put in the car to monitor certain paths of family. But the problem is that when one acquires a GPS Tracker, Nobody wants to be sending commands and receiving the coordinates in SMS (text). This is boring! You want to see “the thing” on a map, in real time. So come on!

I tested three systems of online maps for trackers. All functioned to the satisfaction:
1) Gps-Trace (Orange – Free).
2) TrackerHome (“1 Server”: IP – Free).
3) CorvusGPS (Paid – $0.02/day)


Were two STEPS that will be described below:
1) Tracker configuration (In the case, the TK103)
2) Site Configuration/Web System that captures the coordinates to assemble maps.

I will demonstrate the configuration using the GPS-Trace, TrackerHome and CorvusGPS, It is your discretion choose, but I strongly recommend you use a M2M and GPS-Chip Trace.

Before you begin, I believe that your Tracker (TK103A Device) is already in full operation, IE, accepting commands via SMS sent by the Administrator's phone, that is you =)

If you have not already done so, take a look at this TK103 manual in Portuguese. Basically you just need to add your mobile number authorizing the Tracker to receive and send messages.

So that everything works, make sure that your Chip has text messaging plan (SMS) and data (Internet) enabled. You can test this by placing your Chip (the Tracker) in a cell phone, auditioning for sending SMS and navigation before placing it in the Tracker to start the settings.

Installing Tracker

When you go ask a technician to install your Tracker in the car, make sure he's going to put the antenna of GPS and GSM antenna that comes in the Tracker, a suitable place inside the car.

It has to be a strategic location so that the solid parts/car metal will not cause interference and reduce the satellite signal (GPS) and telephony (GSM). Otherwise, the trace will be flawed because the tracker can't get (GPS) and transmit (GSM) the geographical coordinates data correctly and the Preview on the map will be impaired (unreliable).

In YouTube There are some videos explaining where best to position the antenna.

Step 1 – Tracker configuration

– This setting refers to the Tracker TK103A, While it may work on other similar models.
– For demonstration purpose, We will use the default password that is 123456, but you can change it if you want (See the above-mentioned manual).
– When typing, use the uppercase/lowercase letters exactly as shown in each command.
– Put the car in a place your open (not inside the garage)

I will list all commands sequentially and, the after, explain them. So here is a complete configuration of the tracker TK103 using M2M Chip of Vivo and GPS Maps-Trace. Send the following SMS messages from your mobile phone to the number of chip Tracker:

admin123456 5561983030102 //authorizes your cell phone to send commands. Returns: "admin ok!"
password123456 112233 //change the password of 123456 for 112233. Choose a password with 6 digits
begin112233 //Returns: "begin ok!"
GPRS112233 //Returns: "GPRS OK!"
adminip112233 20558
Smart APN112233.M2M.alive.with.BR up112233 alive alive //Returns: "user,password ok!"
fix030 s***n112233

As said, above I used the GPS configuration-Trace + M2M Live. Below, I'll leave ready some other combinations of settings, If you choose another server maps and other carrier (chip). We have six examples, choose only one! Set if you are going to use the GPS-Trace, TrackerHome or CorvusGPS and, from your cell phone, send the following SMS messages from your mobile phone to the number of chip Tracker:

1)Gps-Trace + M2M Live

begin123456 GPRS123456 adminip123456 20558
Apn123456 smart.M2M.alive.with.BR up123456 alive alive fix030 s***n123456

4)Gps-Trace + Tim

begin123456 GPRS123456 adminip123456 20558
Apn123456 tim.BR up123456 tim tim fix030 s***n123456

2)TrackerHome + M2M Live

begin123456 GPRS123456 adminip123456 9000
Apn123456 smart.M2M.alive.with.BR up123456 alive alive fix030 s***n123456

5)TrackerHome + Tim

begin123456 GPRS123456 adminip123456 9000
Apn123456 tim.BR up123456 tim tim fix030 s***n123456

3) CorvusGPS + M2M Live

begin123456 GPRS123456 adminip123456 31200
Apn123456 smart.M2M.alive.with.BR up123456 alive alive fix030 s***n123456

6)CorvusGPS + Tim

begin123456 GPRS123456 adminip123456 31200
Apn123456 tim.BR up123456 tim tim fix030 s***n123456

Description of commands

Command (Example) Description
begin123456 Do a reset on every setting to factory default
GPRS123456 Configures the Tracker for GPRS mode (the default is SMS). This causes messages to be sent to a server on the Internet instead of text messages (SMS)
Apn123456 Configure the APN for your GPRS. Access Point Name (APN) allows you to connect to your Internet provider. This setting depends on the Chip you are using. You can consult this list with all the APN:
adminip123456 9000 Configures the IP and port of the map provider. Here you should choose to use the GPS-Trace, TrackerHome or CorvusGPS, because each one has specific IP/port your.
up123456 tim tim Configure the APN username and password GPRS connection
fix030 s *** n123456 Configure the time interval that the Tracker will report the coordinates. In this case, every 30 seconds.

Step 2 – Maps Site configuration

To obtain the IMEI of your tracker (TK103), send the following SMS messages from your mobile phone to the number of chip Tracker:

imei123456 //123456 is the default password, or swap with your password. Returns: the IMEI number


If you chose to use the GPS-Trace, do the following:
1. Visit, and choose “Sign-In” and in “Create an account for free” to create an account.
2. Log in to start the configuration.
3. Click on the button “Activate” and fill in the fields:
      – Name: Card or your car model,
      – Type of device: GPS103-B,
      – Unique ID: your IMEI number,
      – Phone number: number of the chip inside the tracker (Ex: +556198761234),
      – Device access password: Tracker password
4. When you save and close the previous screen, your Tracker will appear on the right side. If everything worked out, an icon will be green, displaying on a map the location of your Tracker.

Note: in my case, the icon just stayed active and crawling only appeared on the map after a few minutes, After that I went with the car.

If you still have questions, Watch the video of File Clêbson “HOW To REGISTER TK103 And TRACKER 303 ON THE SITE OF ORANGE”:

There is, still, an application for mobile devices available in the Google Play and IOS.


If you chose to use the TrackerHome, do the following:
1. Visit, and choose Server1, and then click “Register” to create an account (Get the IMEI by sending an SMS to your Tracker with the command “imei123456”).
2. Log in and click the menu “System Settings > Terminal Management” to add your Tracker.
3. Click on the button “Add” and fill in the fields:
      – IMEI In: your IMEI number,
      – Name: Card or your car model, and
      – Model: Choose Track
4. When you save and close the previous screen, your Tracker will appear on the left side. If everything worked out, an icon will be green balls, displaying on a map the location of your Tracker.


If you chose to use the CorvusGPS, do the following:
1. Visit and create an account (Create a Free account).
2. Log in and click the “GPS Trackers”.
3. Add your Tracker (Tracker) by clicking the button “Add new GPS Tracker”:
      – Select the device, in my case, the TK103
      – Choose a name for the device, may be the trademark or license plate
      – Enter the IMEI number of your Tracker
       (Get the IMEI by sending an SMS to your Tracker with the command “imei123456”)
4. After you add your Tracker, Click the option “Show on map” and ready, will display a map and the position of your Tracker (car).

On the official website of CorvusGPS you find the user manual for TK102 and TK103 GPS Tracker.

Both sites offer other interesting settings, including various types of maps.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended that, After configuration, run some 5 the 15 minutes when the vehicle is only to facilitate the identification of the tracker by map servers (capture/data transmission).

Listen / Monitor

You can leave the Tracker on the way “Monitor” to listen everything in your surroundings.

Turn on listen

Send by SMS the command below and wait for the answer “Monitor Ok”. After this, make a call to the phone number of the Tracker and it will be possible to hear the environment.


Disable bug


And still, If you are using a real-time system WEB as TrackerHome or CorvusGPS, do:


Motion alert

This feature is interesting, because you are warned if the car get out of place :)

Activate motion alert

Send by SMS the command below and wait for the answer “Moves Ok”. If there is any movement, you will receive an SMS “Moves” with the coordinates.


Disable motion alert


M2M phone chip – Machine to Machine

You can use a common cell Chip with data packet, but don't advise, because it costs a lot, in both the prepaid monthly plan. In TIM, for example, keep a Chip will cost on average R$ 35,00.

If you want to keep a cheap chip in your tracker, M2M is undoubtedly the best option. In this mode (M2M) you will spend on average just R$ 10,00. As the M2M not normally comes with SMS package (Data only), It is good that you do the initial settings of the tracker with a Chip that has SMS, then just change. Tested it and it worked perfectly.

On the open market you find Unlimited M2m For Live Chip Tracker (Monthly Plan) the R$ 10,00.

That's it!

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  1. Daniel Moreira Gomes said:

    I would like to use the GPS TRACKER v. program to manage my TK103.
    Sending the Ip of my connection, redirect the door 9000, everything right.
    But when you add the tracker appears the following message “IMEI invalidation”.
    What do I do?
    From already thank you.

  2. Reinaldo Maldonado said:

    I liked your help regarding the Gps Tracker and that's why I'm writing, I made a mistake and deleted the imei that was on the platform as you taught, but now I try to reactivate and platform says that this existing account I have to delete the server, you help me. Thank you

  3. Fernando said:

    Friend did as shown but I enter the site and the car is not on the map is only in blue…How do I? This already thanks

    • Reginaldo said:

      The car is not the ocean when you should be at the point that the GPS locates.
      Actually this is a problem that nobody explains or don't know, probably only the Chinese who created this site know.
      I had the same problem, some videos teaching how to register the GPS but in practice nothing happens gives to understand that tracking site does not work, as well as having a few information and does not have a help tutorial doesn't accuse any GPS action. It's creepy even.

  4. Roberto martinez said:

    I have a problem with imei, do not accept me it and says that it is incorrect and already cale you with 3 imeis more and not pull, could help me to know what is the problem.

  5. Manu said:

    I have followed all the instructions. The sms commands are working well.However I have a problem with GPRS tracking. On the web/app i see the car is offline. on checking the status it says GPRS is on. someone help

    • Antonio range said:

      Do not crawl the application because it fails greatly. make it through the manufacturer's website and much better and have to send the settings correctly before using the site.

  6. Javier Carrillo said:

    I have the same problem, all turns well but not shown on the map, GPRS OFF, even though the message to activate it is correct (Msg: GPRS123456 and responded GPRS OK!).
    How can I fix it?

    I have the same problem, everything is well but it doesn't show it in the map, GPRS OFF, even when the SMS is right (Msg: GPRS123456, and answered GPRS OK!)

    How can I solved it?

  7. irineucampos said:

    Hello , I'm having a little trouble to connect the Tracker tk 103, I did the step by step , I checked the phone , but nothing connects the site , sms commands already blz, Ta everything right, works wonderful.

  8. Good afternoon, I'm trying to register my Tracker, but it says that the IMEI is invalid, I got the number with SMS and the same number comes in the box..
    I need to enable something ?

  9. Midian Ribeiro said:

    Good morning, My ratreador does not respond but none with teenagers from sms, I can't turn off and not turn on but nothing, How do I get him to respond, Why sms can't nothing.

  10. Val Max said:

    Friend would like to put 30 trackers in a single register in Orange. How can I do? Do you have any paid account?

  11. Good afternoon!
    I've been trying to configure my IP Tracker in the site and it tells you that there is already a password registered. How do I try to get her back??




  13. Mario chavez said:

    Hola me podrias ayudar buenas noches how do I configure mi gps tracker ya que yo estoy en mexico y la ubicacion me manda en chino como le hago for mem it en español

  14. Antonio leandro dos reis said:

    How to turn off the stop, for the car back the League.
    stop123456 the car turns off,
    ? 123456 car call.

  15. DENIS OFA said:


    • Hello, mine is TK103 and registered in Orange as GPS103-B, as stated in the Post. Here is working, including use their App on my phone (FREE). Said!

  16. Good night, I did all the configuration as explained…. It's all working right… but….
    Every day , in the period of 21:00 at 00:00, the drive goes offline on the site…. After this time back to work normally…. I know that the Tracker is working properly, because answers via SMS.

    Someone already had this problem ? know how to solve ?


    • Jeet Nahmias said:

      Had the same problem and couldn't find anything on the internet, until a technician helped me, just send the following SMS to your tracker:

      Team zone123456 0

      Noting that the number of 1 the 6 is the default password, If you have changed, put your password

  17. Gladys said:

    ya di mi equipo en high tracker home pero no me deja enter from la pc si dice soy dueño de la pagina y no puedo follow la unidad from ahi
    podrias ayudarme ?

  18. Wilson ferreira junior said:

    GPS 303 GSM gprs tracker 303g works all day until the normal 21 hours later is of there just after midnight back normal my zap 63 9*******8

  19. Santiago said:

    Buenos Dias….Tengo una duda.. Because it Scots server 1 TrackerHome en….To what if it debe la Seleccion of this server….Gracias

  20. Jessica said:

    Buenos días me aparece mi gps en el océano todo azul no funciona en tracker home por por alguien que sepa la solución. Todos los sms dan bien pero en la plataforma no funciona

  21. Luis A. Tinoco said:

    Ayuda Necesitus, ya que deseo configure delete remote y luego restore remote, that in the sea by SMS medium, that sea by web.

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