Como obter sua certificação PHP Zend

A brief and modest account of how I did to get the Zend Certified PHP Engineer-ZCPE.


The idea is not to talk about the advantages (or not) having a certification. Just want to share my experience, what might help others who are on this journey.

You can have 10 years of programmer, But if you don't study directed to the examination, It is very likely that does not pass. In my humble opinion, Zend doesn't care (both) If you know programming; She wants to know if you know the nuances of language PHP. Don't believe?

Then see this type of question:

# What is the output of the following code?
echo ' 1 ' . (print ' 2 ') + 3;

And more that:

# What is the result of the following bitwise operation in PHP?
echo 1 ^ 2;

And finally, This other:

# You run the following PHP script. What will be the output?
echo 0x 33, ' birds sit on ', 022, ' trees. ';

He's convinced now? The feedback is, respectively, “214”, “3” and “51 birds sit on 18 trees”. If you are a good programmer and missed everything, don't despair :'(

It's no use saying that rant “Nobody uses it in day to day development“. If you want to be a ZCPE, be crafty, focus on what the Zend will require of you, and point!

Pass the exam is very good, But even better is what you learn during your studies. So, enjoy the moment! Who has ever seen the movie “Power beyond Life” you know what I'm talking about: “Happiness is the journey, not the destination“.

+ Important Council

If I were to summarize this Post and give only a single Council, It would be: do simulated. But do a lot!!

Study sources

Obviously each have your way to study and learn, There is no formula ready. Worked for me the following:

Books & Fonts

– Zend PHP 5 Certification Study Guide: the php[Architect] Guide, by Davey Shafik et al. (English)

– Zend Certified Engineer Uncomplicated PHP certification, Matheus Marabesi and Michael Douglas (Portuguese)
(I found several errors, but it was useful)

– Official PHP Documentation

Buy and read these two books. Do a full reading and review. The first deals, go highlighting with pen the important points; This makes it easier to review later. Ask your questions in the Official PHP Site and forums on the Internet.


– Join the Group towards PHP certification

– Dummy Taylor Lee (started my own Quiz)

– Mock Exam-Labs

– Zend Mock Exam

– Android App Simulated PHP ZCE Practice Exam
(I found several errors, but it helps)

Friends, reading the books is great, because it solidifies the knowledge, porém, do simulated is the guarantee of success. Use any spare time to do simulated, that is 1, 2 or 5 quick questions, but that's what will be the difference. You will recall that on the day you are face to face with your Test :(D)


You know when you want to test a PHP code or REGEX and gives too lazy to lift the XAMP/WAMP? So, I was using the tools below to make quick tests and check some answers of questions. So you can run PHP codes online, in different versions. Very useful!

Test PHP code online

Test regular expressions online (REGEX)

About the examination ZCPE

You may already know that the evidence is in English, so, you need to have at least a level of technical understanding to take the examination. Knowing read, It's ok!

I won't go into the details on how to purchase the Voucher or schedule the examination, because I've got a lot of stuff on the Internet explaining, but the tip is as follows:

– To buy the Voucher
(If you sign up and buy the Voucher)

– To schedule the examination
(Sign and visit the link “Find a test center” to schedule a test date)

If you think even in taking the exam, I suggest you buy the Voucher today, right now! He's worth by 1 year and that will give you a “big strength” to start the studies, After all, Nobody wants to lose $195 of investment.

You will never be 100% prepared, But trust, It's nothing out of this world. The right time to score the test is when you are doing well in simulated. And what would be “well”? I'd say scoring around 90% of the issues.

The exam you need to hit 70% to pass. The evidence has 70 questions to be asked in 90 minutes, IE, almost 1 min 30 sec per issue. Give quiet, I used 1 time, already considering the review before the end of.

What's on the test? On the page of the Zend has information about the topics collected in the examination. But here for us, Don't let that! The exam questions are in the style of the simulated. So, doing well in simulated, you will well on the exam are Yo garantizo! But don't memorize answers, try to learn and figure out how to actually resolve each issue.

Anyway, After 8 months of relative study based on what I reported in this Post, today (28/03/2017) I conducted the examination and ZCPE, Thanks to God, I spent! Obviously you can devote more and reduce that time by half or even less, from your available.

The day before the exam
Want another Council? The day before the exam don't study anything! Do things you enjoy, Watch a movie, play a game, take a light walk, chat with friends, I know there! This helps your brain "Nice”, without overloads. Something else, don't eat anything different than usual, will that time gives a breakdown :' D huh?

On d-day the exam
On d-day, gets some 30 minutes before the scheduled. You only need to take two documents with signature, one of them being with photo. I took the ID and driver's license, nothing more! You can even take a pen, cell phone, Watch, books, etc, But coming in the Application Center Test, you won't be able to use any of this, will be kept out of the room. You get the receptionist just a pen and a paper draft, In addition to the computer to take the exam, of course.

In my case, getting there, I signed the paper and walked in the room. I don't know if I was anxious or tense, but by putting the damper of ears, I started to hear the beating of my heart lol :) sinister! But in the course of the examination was relaxing, because I realized that much of what was there, had already seen hundreds of simulated what she had done. And, at the end, printou on the screen the so desired "Congratulations”.

That's it, Good luck!

Taylor Lee
Zend Certified Engineer
Client Candidate ID: ZEND029320
Total hits: 50263

16 comments on “Como obter sua certificação PHP Zend

  1. Antonio Junior. Mota said:

    Congratulations, Taylor! Very glad your achievement. I've seen your dedication. Nice for sharing their experiences and tips. You can be sure that looked up to people like you. That this certification brings good fruit. Big hug.

  2. Thiago Luis said:

    I'm on the road towards certification.

    Thank you for registering your experience, reports like your help enough.

  3. Edson Luiz da Silva Junior said:

    Great Taylor,
    I would like to thank you because your post helped me alot, Today I received the expected CONGRATULATIONS. The dummy that you did and left the link, It was what helped me most in my preparation. Congratulations for the initiative, Thank you very much!

    • Oops, and there Vinicius, congratulations!!
      I know from personal effort that it takes to get there ;)
      Look, about publishing the certificate just follow this LinkedIn tip.
      Thanks for the feedback. That's it, Hugs!

  4. Carlos said:

    Congratulations for having achieved the certification!

    How long did it take you from the very beginning of the studies until passing the exam ?

    Do you think 3 months(studying of 30 min 1 hour a day, 7 days per week) are sufficient to obtain the certification ?


    • Hello Carlos,
      I appreciate the comment.
      As said, I took a few 8 months, but it could have been less. Is that I wanted to make sure I was ready not to lose the investment.
      If you want a shortcut, do simulated (many!!). But I recommend reading the books that indicated, because better than certification is learning.

      • Rander Carlos said:

        I'm just passing by to say thank you.. I took the test today (02/06/2020) in the afternoon I got the much desired “congratulations!”. Your tips and the simulation you put together helped me a lot to get approval. Took 5 months and a half to get approval.

        I took the test online and from home, because of the pandemic. But since 1 November 2019, Person Vue allows you to take the test online by simply having a webcam so you can be monitored during the exam.

        Next step will be Laravel and AWS Solutions Architect certifications.


        Rander Carlos
        Zend Certified Engineer
        Client Candidate ID: ZEND032378

      • Caro Rander,

        Thank you for registering here your experience and congratulations for the achievement!
        We know it's not easy, but possible for those who really want and seek approval.
        May your next aspirations also be soon achieved. By the way, Excellent!


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